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You know the drill!

Now doing a zombie girl holding a star eater.
Cathedral gloam custom by Deskleaves
Cathedral gloam custom
Another custom for :icongarbagekitten:'s growing family.

A long time ago when dragons and wizards ruled the earth, a terrible war began. Caught between these opposing factions was a small village, in the center of which was a beautiful cathedral, where the devout would worship and the poor would take refuge and comfort.

During that time however, the tolling of the bell had a darker purpose. When the bells would ring, the villiagers would flee for their lives into the cathedral and take cover from the necromancers, and the swarming army of undead that marched through the hills on their way to the big city.
One day, the necromancers decided to use the villiage for a barracks, and took the villiage by force. Those that stayed locked themselves fearfully inside the cathedral. The holy place of worship was heartlessly razed as an act of penalty for resistance. All hope was lost for the tiny hamlet caught in the middle of the war. Or so they thought.

Out of the rubble and ash, fueled by the sorrow and the anger of the people who had loved it for so many centuries, rose the very soul of the cathedral itself. Massive, radiant and powerful, the deafening bell rang out as blinding white beams of holy light blasted forth from the mouth of the gargoyle, vaporizing the undead and sending the necromancers fleeing into the night. The necromancers lost the war. A new church was eventually built.

The people of the villiage thrived in peace and safety with the help of their massive guardian, who stood watch where it always had, in the center of the town, perched atop the cathedral like a dragon. They had served it well, and it would serve them in return for eternity. The bells still rang out every hour, singing a new song every Sunday, and the undead never walked the hills again.
Custom Haunted house gloamdeer by Deskleaves
Custom Haunted house gloamdeer
Another custom for :icongarbagekitten:'s growing family.

A long time ago, a wealthy family owned a beautiful house down a long, winding, cobblestone driveway, called whithered drive. Then, mysteriously, the family just suddenly disappeared. Did they leave? Were they murdered? All of their possessions were left behind, food still on the table, cinders still smoldering in the fireplace when the police investigated.. But no signs of foul play were ever found. The house had simply been abandoned.

As time went on, stranger and stranger things began to happen to the house. It grew old quickly, began to creak and groan even when there was no wind. And then, like the family, the house simply vanished.
 Strange flickering lights bounced around the property at night, an eerie, pulsing glow. Some people heard voices- even reported to see ghosts!
Occasionally, one could drive past the property and see the hulking shadow of the house, only to find it was gone again during the day.

If you dared to venture onto the property despite the barbed wire fence and spooky surroundings, and stayed all night, you might catch a glimpse of the bizarre, ghostly countenance of the gloamdeer that was once the house at 23 whithered drive.
Custom wendigo gloamdeer by Deskleaves
Custom wendigo gloamdeer
Another custom for :icongarbagekitten:'s growing family.

Algonquin legend says that those who succumb to cannibalism, whether due to famine, or due to perverse mental deviance, will become a victim of the wendigo, or even transform into a wendigo yourself.

In the cold northern wilderness of Canada, this frigid gloamdeer spirit is said to appear to those who have tasted human flesh, and lead them away into the wood. Their bodies are never found.

She leaves no footprints in the snow, and is unnaturally silent. She can appear here or there, seemingly stepping out of the trees themselves. Snow billows from within her translucent body that disappears before reaching the ground, and frost continually develops where she has walked.
In the branches of her dead, wooden face grow ghostly leaves that are rumored to be the souls of those she has taken. They never fall, and they never blow in the wind.

So beware; If human flesh ever passes your lips, never turn your back to the trees again. You may never live to see another winter.
Custom gloamdeer Hex by Deskleaves
Custom gloamdeer Hex
Another custom for :icongarbagekitten:'s growing family.

Deep in the black, alligator-infested swamps of new orleans is said to live a loa, or voodoo spirit, called just the Hex. Brought to life by those who practiced their rituals with an inexperienced and careless hand, he got away from them and fled cackling into the bayou, free to do business for himself.

The skull adorning this gloam's head once belonged to the Rooster King, the largest and most powerful chicken ever born, said to be half as tall as a man. He slew the massive chicken in a spiritual battle to the death, enslaved him, and keeps his spirit locked in the skull as a familiar and companion. The two of them frequently argue in a clash of clucks, squawks and creole french. All chickens are rumored to bow before the skull of the Chicken King.

It is said that Voodoo the gloamdeer can be summoned with offers of green onions and chicken feed, and that he (or his sinister poultrygeist) may be convinced to assist you with your troubles... for a price.

Like real voodoo, the Hex may look strange, terrifying, and barbaric, but he is not evil. Nor is he good. If your relationship with him is good, and you ask properly, he can be kind. If a wicked-hearted man gains his affections, or if you are disrespectful, he can inflict cruelty and suffering without measure. Hex is selfish, and his only loyalty is to himself.
You know the drill!

Now doing a zombie girl holding a star eater.


Gribby Bullock
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I grew up in Alaska, spent most of my young adulthood and teenage years wild and free in the streets and woods of California, and ultimately settled down in Finland. I have college background in multimedia arts and technology from the SOMA art institute.

I'm learning Finnish by 1stClassStampsYou Can Talk To Me Stamp by HazelAlmonds Heart Rats Stamp by Viergacht PC Gamer by aphaits Love Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Stamp - Every Great Artist by KamuySinenRespect for Spiders Stamp. by VampsStock Gender Nuetral LB by Kia-Bird Lil Badge - Zodiac .:Cancer:. by Kohaku0827Slytherin-Badge by Dinoclaws LB - United States by Nironan12 Open Mind Lil Badge by NuciComs LB - Photoshop by Nironan12LB - Adobe Flash by Nironan12 Yaoi+shonen-ai support stamp by luperus


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